Reply To: Discussion – Week 0

chad lamon

Hey there beautiful people! My name is Chad Lamon & I am very stoked to be going through this course with all of you chosen ones. I majored in Film & Video production & minored in Sound Engineering. Video, Editing, Photography, Events, Sound & making music are some of my favorite things to do for a living and in general when I have free time 🙂

Some things I enjoy doing over the weekend are: hiking, long boarding, the beach, working out, bowling, pool, air hockey, ultimate frisby, traveling, concerts & festivals.

My goal by the end of this course is to build out my Production company, maximize more of my time after work & learn from all of you. Lol, my production company has been in the works for a couple of years. I’ve been building marketable videos & photos for it, learning what its like managing & paying out my teams, hiring, learning what clients are wanting, refining processes & trying to make everyone happy & keep the train going.

@chuck, @simran & @mally Looks like were all in a similar boat! 🙂 Excited to meet you all tonight!