Reply To: Discussion – Week 0

Phil Leggetter

Hey all,

I’m Phil. I’m based in Scotland, so will be participating async – mainly via this forum and catching up with the discussions via the recordings. I will try to attend one of the meetings.

I’ve had a “relatively” successful career and a happy life – great parents, wife, three awesome kids, and a crazy-fun chocolate labrador. But I now find myself in a place where I struggle to know what I want. I feel in limbo. What drives me? What will make me get out of bed in the morning already feeling energized for the day ahead?

So, I’m excited to make strides (or even small steps) towards my goal of finding some clarity around what really drives me and feed that into becoming a better, more content person for my family and also in ensuring the next work role I take on is really right for me.

@chuck, @simran, @mally, & @chad – great to meet you all. Also great to see the enthusiasm in this forum and the recording from the Week 0 discussion.