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Tyler Capps

Enterprise Expert

Tyler has spent his career working to improve humanity's relationship with sustainability. He has worked as a consultant in the energy sector where he modeled the relationship between human behavior and energy efficiency, and attended MIT's MBA/MS program where he learned to design processes and products that improve sustainability. At Sophonaut, he curates knowledge pertaining to growth, condensing it in to programs customized to support individuals and teams realize their goals.

Peter DePaulo

Startup Advisor

Peter has focused entirely on the mechanics of early product development and practical psychology. Before this, he went through Stanford's startup accelerator (StartX) in the founding team of an EduTech company and designed a system for ingesting terabytes of cancer-data into machine learning algorithms to discover previously unseen correlations. At Sophonaut, he obsesses over the details of designing optimized and wholistic lifestyle, which overflows into professional productivity.

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Customers success stories

Sophonaut has been an invaluable resource as I’ve made pivotal transitions in my career, both horizontal and vertical. They not only have a systematic framework for evaluating tradeoffs when making critical decisions but also inspire self-discovery. They've helped me devise, track, and measure key objectives while setting a high bar for accountability.

Vishal Vijayakumar

Senior Product Manager, Cisco

Sophonaut's consultative approach has helped me rethink my approach to physical and mental health. Their ability to synthesize each element of the habit-forming mentality necessary to reach my goals has changed the game for me.

Dhruva Noel

Sales Development Representative, WePay

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