Sophonaut: Beyond You

Make happiness last!

Beyond You helps you fail less, make habits that stick, and find love that lasts. Finally get guidance tailored specifically to you!

Trying to be someone else is costly

Following general guidance is a global problem

Acting on guidance meant for a small percentage of the population, leads most people to failure.

WASTED annually on misguided weight loss efforts
$58 B
of relationships end within the first year
adults experience depression
20 Million

The Problem

Your current tools don’t work because they are not designed for you

What matters most?

People often don't know why they fail in things that matter most to them.

Generic advice is useless

Common advice doesn't help most people because it's not specific enough.

Getting better is expensive

Cost of therapy and life coaches is too high for most people seeking self-care.

Lost lovers

We get in the wrong relationships because we don't first know and love ourselves
A self-care super app

The Solution

Our app works in 3 easy steps.

Step 1


individual success and failure trends via collected behavior data

Step 2


Learns from the world’s best experts on behavior change, and shortens the path to success

Step 3


As it grows, it can be provided at a fraction of the cost of human practitioners

BeyondYOU enables you to:

  • Master yourself through self-awareness

  • Better understand your closest connections

  • Increase your likelihood of succeeding in health, wealth, love, and happiness

So you can avoid:

  • Repetitive failures cause by self-unawareness

  • Shallow or short-lived relationships

  • Wasting time and money through costly trial and error

Sophonaut has been an invaluable resource as I’ve made pivotal transitions in my career, both horizontal and vertical. They not only have a systematic framework for evaluating tradeoffs when making critical decisions but also inspire self-discovery. They've helped me devise, track, and measure key objectives while setting a high bar for accountability.

Vishal Vijayakumar
Senior Product Manager, Cisco

Sophonaut's consultative approach has helped me rethink my approach to physical and mental health. Their ability to synthesize each element of the habit-forming mentality necessary to reach my goals has changed the game for me.

Dhruva Noel
Sales Development Representative, WePay
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