Democratizing Wellness

Sophonaut helps you get off the anxiety treadmill, become more resilient, and make habits that stick. Finally get guidance tailored specifically to you that is fast and affordable!

Getting help is slow and expensive

Most people with wellness needs don't get help

Putting the burden on the unwell person to find the right professional leads to inaction

of people with wellness needs do NOT get help
say professional help is too expensive
say it takes too long

The Problem

All barriers are detrimental to wellness support

Finding the right help is hard (client)

The average person tries 3 providers before finding the right one

Barriers are unacceptable (client)

When situations are more dire relating to depression or suicidal thoughts, time is of the essence

Finding clients is hard (provider)

Most providers rely on referrals, but starting that engine is grueling

Providers want to help, NOT do BD (provider)

Most of their time is spent finding clients rather than helping them (and making money)
A wellness marketplace

The Solution

Our app works in 3 easy steps.

Step 1


client behavior tendencies and wellness needs

Step 2


client to an expert in their area of need, who shares the same interpersonal behaviors

Step 3


the client's wellness and provider's clientele

Behavior thumbprint

Our precision profiling enables client and provider success

Behavior thumbprint

Precision profiling enables clients to:

  • Find the best support WITHOUT searching

  • Succeed faster saving time, money, and pain

  • Maintain progress even when switching providers

And providers to avoid:

  • Time spent generating leads

  • Paying upfront for solutions that don't work

  • Giving away free sessions to evaluate leads

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Sep. 2023

Sophonaut has been an invaluable resource as I’ve made pivotal transitions in my career, both horizontal and vertical. They not only have a systematic framework for evaluating tradeoffs when making critical decisions but also inspire self-discovery. They've helped me devise, track, and measure key objectives while setting a high bar for accountability.

Vishal Vijayakumar
Senior Product Manager, Cisco

Sophonaut's consultative approach has helped me rethink my approach to physical and mental health. Their ability to synthesize each element of the habit-forming mentality necessary to reach my goals has changed the game for me.

Dhruva Noel
Sales Development Representative, WePay
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