Welcome to Sophonaut! A place for self mastery.

Our goal here is to save the world by improving individual lives. We’re starting with making it at least ten times easier for you to make yourself better. For example, we might spend ten hours reading and distilling so that you can spend one hour here and actually use it in your life. That’s what this site is for.

Sophonaut was born in a Denny’s in the lush and vibrant Emeryville, CA (a small city north of Oakland… It’s not very lush or vibrant). Here’s the story of how that happened…

Tyler and I met in 2009 at University of California, San Diego. At the end of college, I went off into the wacky world of startups and Tyler went into the world of energy and sustainability. Over the years when we got together, we would share concerns and aspirations for a better world. The conversations ended with something along the lines of: “well, at least we can make ourselves better and try to make as much of an impact as possible”. We kept expressing our frustration of running into the same kinds of problems over and over. After years of this, Tyler came to me and said: “hey why don’t we do something about this.” We grabbed dinner at Denny’s and hatched a plot. Now, we’re spending every hour of our free time on this content, built to serve you in the only most practical ways. We keep it real here.

If you have a question, have an idea for an article, or just want to talk you can email either of us directly!

peter [dot] depaulo [at] sophonaut.com
tyler [dot] capps [at] sophonaut.com 

-Peter (I’m the one on the right up above)

Some background on us

Tyler Capps has been searching for a way to learn as fast as possible in order to get the tools required to change the world in a way that will benefit the most people. On this journey, he has experimented with formal education at the University of California, San Diego and MIT, and co-founded a group mentorship program where members mentored each other towards their respective greater goods. His hope is that the articles will help reduce the time to learn new material AND the tools make it easy to apply the benefits of the learning to your life.

Peter DePaulo has been reading and exploring why people do what they do for the last 9 years. On his resume, he’s gone through Stanford’s StartX, helped start a coding school that was acquired by larger coding school, built applications shipped to over 3 million users, and trained machine learning algorithms with oncology data. Off his resume, he’s done an audit of electrification in coastal Nicaragua, briefly lived in Chile to chase the story of a poet, started two podcasts, graduated from All Out Comedy Theatre’s improv comedy program, and writes songs on guitar in beautiful, downtown Oakland California.

How to use the posts

The posts on this website have been structured to cater to different learning styles, with each post:

  • Starting off with bullets summarizing the key takeaways of the post
  • Providing anecdotal examples that exemplifies key points
  • Notes on what to do with the information presented.
    • This is key, we hope not to just present an overload of info, but to provide a way to use the information right away

“Take what you need and leave the rest” mentality.

  • We don’t think you should feel guilty not finishing an article, if you get what you need by skimming just the bullets we’re happy! In fact, if you get the idea from the title even better.