Product Recommendations

Below is a list of products that we have used or plan to use in our personal journeys as Sophonauts and sustainable beings! If there is a product in the list you’d like us to write an article about or a product that you think should be in the list, please let us know by going to the bottom of the About page and sending us a message.

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ImageProductDescriptionRelevant for?
Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking GlassesGlasses that filter out blue light. They've helped Tyler to prevent his eyes from drying out during the day and to become tired at more natural times of night, leading to better sleep.Physical Health
Plant Based Organic Protein PowderPlant based protein powder. A DELICIOUS and great source of protein, amino acids, and fiber all without any animal products.Physical Health, Sustainability
Smart Reusable NotebookReusable notebook that also has smart functionality such as taking a picture of a page and having it sent to OneNote, Slack, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.Sustainability
Samsung Curved Monitor, Black, 27inA curved monitor. The distance from your eyes to the monitor is the same at any point.Physical Health, Productivity